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Eucee Vitamin C Orange

Vitamin C is a key antioxidant for helping fight the cell-damaging effects of oxidative stress. It is important for the functioning of white blood cells, which help support a healthy immune system and respiratory system. Vitamin C also supports healthy blood vessels and healthy blood flow, which contributes to maintaining a healthy heart, as well as supporting collagen formation for healthy joints, skin and gums.

A Plethora of Age-Old Benefits of Vitamin-C




Immune System


Blood Pressure


Iron Absorption

Assists in

Weight loss


Skin & Hair

Here’s What Eucee Doesn't Have






Why Choose Eucee?

Skin Glow


Gum Health

Bone Health



Yes it is 100% safe for children.
Number 2 is the key ! we donot recommend more than 2 tablets
Why not! it is safe for all ages!


  1. santosh

    Good Quality Product
    very good quality product , using it since one month . better than other company vitamin c tablets . taste is very good . must buy product . Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients, experts say. It may not be the cure for the common cold (though it’s thought to help prevent more serious complications). But the benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.

  2. Prabhat Gautam

    The Best Product
    During my Corona treatment in Hospital, I was given Limcee 2 times a day. I do not found Limcee either online or offline. I searched and found Eucee and ordered pack of 120 tablet and proud to say that it is better than Limcee. Thank you very much to both Eucee manufacture/distributers. Love you.😍😍😍😍

  3. Khushii

    Very Good
    The tablets were very good and worked well on me, i felt a change in my body and very happy to take. Those, hope to buy more in future

  4. ...
  5. David Thomas

    The tablets are really good with a pleasant taste and has a long expiry date as well.
    The delivery was prompt and my whole family is taking these tablets on a daily basis. Really a recommendable product and of course, recommendable seller too!

  6. Samrat Banerjee

    Excellent two packets ,long experire date,current mfg date,well packaging , good taste ,same as limcee tablet, in my opinion paiss vasool deal
    Go for it blindly

  7. Aiman Sarosh

    Really tasty and tangy
    Tangy orange…tastes like candy …n thats the best part it doesn’t taste like medicinal tablet. Its effecive.. my trainer recommend this to me for recovering quickly after my fever n flu…n its very effective. Now i regularly take this once during breakfast.

  8. suha

    Decent and Trustworthy
    It’s a good, simple, appropriately priced product. Nothing too fancy or complex. I recommend this one :). This is most likely one of the best and hassle free brand you can find. Thank you.

  9. Shubham

    Good Product
    It works…. Due to genetic conditions , i have always had brittle nails…. When I take two tablets a day, I see that my nails become tough. I am surr the product is genuine from my anecdotal experience.

  10. Devendra Chavan

    A very good OTC product as a Vitamin C Supplement
    Very good formulation as a Vitamin C chewable tablets. It’s a very good quality product be it a tablet, it’s flavour, the primary and secondary packaging! Both Orange and Kaccha Aam flavours are top notch without any base formula taste.

  11. Ashu

    Bought this as alternative to Limcee which we had been using quite long. Turned out to be a best buy. High source of vitamin C as recommended by doctor with the added benefit of low price.

  12. IJ Beryl

    Great flavour and taste
    I just love this vitamin tablets. Actually I hate to eat or drink medicines, and I even don’t like eating/taking supplements. But I love this vitamin C tablets… I feel like I’m eating some orange candies every time I eat this V-C tablet😋😊.

  13. Bhavik

    Highly Recommended
    Pleasant in taste and works like a charm Previously i was taking Limcee and Celin chewables but was glad to come across these Now theres no going back

  14. Pawan

    Good source of Vitamin C
    Have had a few vitamin supplements tried but this is by far the best tasting! The price is pretty reasonable too for the quantity. Definitely recommended.

  15. Gaurav Namdev

    Flavor is good and I thibk Paisa Wasool
    I used this vitamin energy up the great mood and it’s good because it has the vitamin that you need and it fights any bacteria especially the COVID-19

  16. Patu

    Vitamin C Tablets
    Chewable tablet. Taste is good. Childrens are also interested to take for it’s taste.

  17. Sagar

    Good Product
    Nice product. Bought it 2nd time. We are family of 3 we all have it every day.

  18. Indranil Biswas

    Amazing taste and a very good price. Packaging very good.

  19. Sakshi

    Well I find this vitamin c very good 👍flavour, value for money for suer and immunity booster… And very important part delivery is good service even in this pandemic… Thanks alot

  20. Shankar

    Good Quality Product with good packing
    This product is having a good test this one packet is lasting for 3 months if you eat one tablet per day

  21. Suvabrata b.

    very very good taste and the vitamin C

  22. V V Ramana Murty

    Nice Tablet
    Nice VITAMIN C Tablet with good taste and flavour. Product was delivered intact in a very very good packaging (Three layers and with air bubble wrap)



  24. Arunabha Bose

    Good immunity boosting supplement at reasonable price

  25. jyotsna hopper

    Good product, value for money and flavour is also nice m, the orange one

  26. gurman cheema

    Very Good Taste
    Really liked the product. Tastes better than other vitamin c tablets available in the market. Must try

  27. suzan r.

    This vitamin c tablet is easily chewable and at this good value of money is recommended.

  28. Pradeep Kumar Reddy

    Taste and quality are good.

  29. sutikshan dubey

    Tablet has good amount of vitamin C, price is reasonable. Delivery is fast and packaging is perfect. Feels full of energy after 2 weeks of use. Product should reduce sweet taste a bit
    Will buy again.

  30. indu sharma

    The tablet was very worked very well on me…i really felt change and energetic after taking the tablets..

  31. roop kaur

    Fully satisfied with product. Me and my whole family using it.

  32. mayuri

    Just now received the tablet…..don’t know how it help in improving immunity but as of now it tastes awesome……full marks for taste…

  33. chakshu

    Nice product. Value for money, must buy.

  34. mujeeb uddin

    Very good tasty product

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