Importance of Vitamin - C Rich Diet

Falling ill frequently?

Devoting extra time to work still less productivity??

Is Lethargy your best friend these days?

In this fast-moving world, unknowingly we neglect our health to an extent where we get prone to diseases and weaken our immune system. Naturally, this hampers our day to day tasks thereby being a barrier in our growth. To be perfect professionally, we tend to make excuses to maintain ourselves physically. Not following a disciplined routine is the onset of leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Open doors to new opportunities and not to new ailments. If you have time to feel sorry for your situation, to complain, to check social media, to binge watch Netflix, then you have time to set goals, work out, consume a nutrient-rich diet, prioritize sleep and better yourself.

Vitamin-C also known as Ascorbic Acid plays a primary role in healthifying you in great ways. This vitamin will keep you rejuvenated and vigorous for a long tenure. From your shining hair & glowing skin to strong immunity & digestive system, its benefits mesmerize us all from outside and within.

Vitamin-C rich diet and its wonders are as follows:

Ascorbic Acid is in high components in fruits like Guavas, Kiwis, Oranges, Lemons, Papayas, Strawberries & Pineapple. Add these fresh, juicy and tasty fruits in your diet to feel the change you wish to see in your health.

Even some vegetables can create a wow factor in your physique. They include Brussel Sprouts, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Kale.

Remember. When your body is hungry, it wants nutrients, not calories. Feed it with clean and fresh produce which have the following benefits:

Expedite your wound healing

Vitamin C prompts the generation of collagen, a protein present in connective tissues of the skin, muscles, and ligaments. Regardless of whether the injury is a minor cut, a messed up bone, burns or deep wounds, it promptly accelerates the healing procedure.

Protect your intellect

Nutrient C is significant in preserving the brain and sensory system against the harmful impacts of stress. When consumed in ideal amounts, it synthesizes the regulation of stress hormones.

Immunity booster

Studies suggest that deficiency of this nutrient might decrease the body’s resistance towards various pathogens. Strengthen your immune system with an optimum dosage of Vitamin-C.

Reduced rate of strokes

Kill those free radicals and don’t let them damage the walls of your arteries by consuming this great vitamin before every meal. Adios to high cholesterol and poor blood flow.

Show off that ideal physique

Oxidize your body fat during exercise with Vitamin C rich diet and foster your weight loss process. Enhance metabolism and flaunt that hot body with confidence.

Cancer prevention
A target specific vitamin which doesn’t affect other cells of the body. High dosage of this vitamin plays a vital role in increasing cancer-eliminating drugs.


Healthy gums & teeth

Moderated Vitamin-C consumption prevents bleeding gums and better oral health. Be fresh and presentable to win hearts with your beautiful smile.

Blood Sugar level in check

Type 2 diabetes patients can regulate their blood sugar levels with this miraculous vitamin. Enhance the efficacy of the treatment and stimulate insulin mechanism with long term consumption of Vitamin C.

No chance of scurvy

Decrease the risk of Scurvy by making Vitamin C rich diet as a part of your routine. Studies state that to prevent the deficiency it should be consumed 10 gms daily.

Lustrous hair

Swirl your thick and shining hair in the air. No more worrying about breakage and thinning of your hair with Vitamin-C as a part of your meal.

Rev up your life with regular intake of Vitamin-C for a charming and healthful you. Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you, every single effort is changing your body from the inside. Never get discouraged! One tab of this Vitamin-C shot can make all the difference and help you stand out with utter diligence and confidence in every task you perform. Shoutout to those energy levels which aid you in acing each day.