Give yourself an immunity boost with

Eucee Immune!

Enriched with Honey, Curcumin, Ginger & Lemon.

For antioxidants that provide support
to build immunity and improve bones & joint health.

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Benefits of Curcumin

BoostsImmune System


LowerBlood Pressure


PromotesWeight Loss

ImproveSkin Health

What makes it better?

Zero sugar

Superoir 10x absorption than regular turmeric

Tastes like honey candy

Each Eucee Immune Contains:

Per tablet
Energy 1.8 Kcal
Carbohydrate 0.45 gm
Sugar 0 gm
Fat 0 gm
Protein 0 gm
Curcumin(95%) 100 mg
Vitamin D 400 IU
Vitamin C 40 mg
Ginger root extract

Superfood in a tablet form!

Offers joint support by easing padding and enhancing joint mobility

Eliminates sore and itchy throat by neutralising virus and bacteria

Detoxifies and cleanses by reversing liver damage, maintaining antioxidant status and scavenging free radicals

Anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness, swelling and pain, speeding up recovery

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What customers say about us?

Nice Products!

Nice productsThis product is so good that I don't have words to speak if you guys are watching this review then you guys must buy it it is very good I have personally used it myself

Neelesh p

Natural ingredients!

I like these tablets so much because these contains natural ingredients of Ginger , honey and turmeric ❤️❤️All necessary vitamin C , Vitamin D needs of body fulfilled by these tablets daily ❤️❤️I prefer these as I don’t like sugar in my diet as I consume 3-4 tablets per day.Must but product ..Go for it

Sahil S


My immune system is getting better.It contains all natural products like Turmeric and ginger and honey.Happy with the product I bought. Worth penny spent.

vansh g,

lots of benefits

Strong antioxidant which provides support not only to build immunity but also good for bone health,good for skin,also good for gum protection, taste is also good lots of benefits in one tablet.

Aman R

very affordable

One of the best immunity booster I have come across with Vitamin C & D Ginger Root In Delicious Honey Flavor. It contains 120tabs which is very affordable at Eucee.locals, shops charging more amount for the same tablets.You can go for it. Worth buying.

Vaishnavi D