It started 7 years ago in our small testing lab where we were experimenting on making something that could change how everyone looks at chewable supplements in India. Developing the taste took real test of our competencies but since I love cooking, it occurred to me it was a mere hobby for me and I have always enjoyed making delicious things be it my kitchen or my lab.

After 26 days and more than 29 failed trials, we were not could not make much progress as the taste won’t come out right, but we just did not give up our love of making tastiest vitamin chewable.

When I was young, my father used to tell me “don’t give up on your dreams even if you fail 1000 times”. He would tell stories of great leaders and conquerors, especially Alexander who would burn down the exit bridges so that winning was the only way to stay alive for him and his army. This really inspired me!

With this, we continued conducting trials for another 2 months. At last, after 45 trials we successfully created a vitamin c tablet which is now known to be tastiest, most recommended and rated sugar free vitamin c tablet.

Then came the wave of pandemic which shook us upside down but at the same-time, there was a sudden demand for vitamin c throughout the world. This was our chance to serve health. We kept our focus.

We had an overwhelming response in India. In more than 560 + cities, we sold more than a million boxes to 250K + customers in under a year and became the most highly rated brand on amazon.in


Today EUCEE Nutrition stands for delivering India’s tastiest sugar free vitamins that are not just unique in themselves but are made with the highest quality of ingredients. Love being the most abundant one. We have set the standards very for our team in order to continuously deliver one of the finest vitamin supplements.


Everyone loves sugar but hates those extra calories. After talking to 200+ regular customers, we realized that great health and excessive sugar intake can never go along well, so we decided to get rid of processed sugar once and for all. EUCEE has gone sugar free, giving it a huge advantage over competitors in the chewable market . No one does it better than us.


Countless parents have come forward and have appreciated our vitamins but there was something common amongst all. And what’s that? "They have stopped forcing vitamins to kids". Yes, that's what happened. Kids enjoy EUCEE like a delicious candy, making it their priority over any other candy or supplement. Some parents have attested that kids wait till they get EUCEE.