5 Reasons your Skin & Hair will Thank You for Eucee

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps the body in many different ways. Its benefits are myriad, especially when it comes to hair and skin. For anyone who is desirous of glowing skin with healthy hair that shine, a daily dose of Eucee is a must. The wonderful tasting tablet is also amazingly healthy.

If you are wondering how Eucee works these wonders, here is how:

Fights free radicals:

When oxygen metabolises in the body, it gives off free-radicals. These free-radicals gather in the skin and damage it. When we introduce Eucee into our daily routine, it neutralises the free-radicals and greatly reduces the damage they cause.

UV ray damage prevention:

Eucee, being a high quality Vitamin C, boosts the production of collagen. Collagen is known for its positive effects on the skin as it is a protein that enhances cell health. This in turn reduces dryness and wrinkles that are induced by sun exposure. UV light damage can be lasting and very visible, but Vitamin C is the perfect antidote for it.

Anti-ageing properties:

With age, the body produces more tyrosinase, an enzyme, which enhances the production of melanin, resulting in blemishes and pigmentation. Eucee helps control the production of this enzyme and in turn saves the skin from the allied harm. Vitamin C also delays ageing of skin. By keeping the skin rejuvenated and refreshed, it helps it stay radiant and young.

Treats brittle hair:

The collagen and anti-oxidant benefits of Eucee are very beneficial for your hair as well. Free-radicals that dull the skin also make hair brittle, weak and rough. By introducing Vitamin C, this havoc is highly reduced and you enjoy shiny, healthy hair.

Promotes hair growth:

As Vitamin C is an indispensable nutrient, Eucee provides hair with nourishment that makes it grow better and faster. It slows down hair fall and reduces hair breakage, giving you an enviable mane. When collagen production is improved, the blood circulation in the scalp is also proportionately enhanced, giving you wonderfully thick hair.